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Fortune High Tech Marketing - Real Truth About Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

By Vern How Chan

Not that I'm a person who likes to oppose the masses. I just believe that you need to get the best of what a real review is like. Especially when it comes to considering an opportunity like Fortune High Tech Marketing. You must remember that your financial future is all too important to throw away. Get equipped with the right information about the whole truth about this company.

1) Starting At The Beginning

It all started with Paul Orberson. If you think this is a typical rags to riches story, it really isn't. I can see that you could relate to Paul if you have been in a corporate job before and dreamed of early retirement on certain days.

Paul hails from Kentucky and used to work as a high school teacher.

In 1990, he entered the network marketing industry as a representative and helped build it to a successful one. He felt challenged during his "retirement at 40" and yearned to actually do something of value. After contacting a few friends with some research, Fortune High Tech Marketing was born.

2) Products Versus Compensation

The products that Fortune High Tech Marketing currently include ranges from weight management products, Internet, long distance, satellite TV, health and beauty products, wireless phones and so on. This means you get a wide spectrum of choices though I felt that it makes it hard for you to really focus on one niche.

Your compensation plan can be described as a residual income stream. How does it work? You need to sign up 3 customers and then earn from their efforts to recruit others. This consists of a 2% commission earning from your "downlines" FHTM product usage. If you sell its true essentials products you gain 20% from the total sales volume.

3) Beyond Financial Freedom

Even though the opportunity with Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing looks attractive to you there are a few things to consider. Such as the "Stair Step Breakaway Plan" employed by the compensation system. When people in your organization starts performing as well as you, they "breakaway".

Leaving you the only option which is to recruit more people or "new recruits" to fill in their place. You need to do this so that you can maintain your monthly checks. Its cruel yes but its this kind of work you will need to consider.

The best option for you could be to pursue the art of marketing online. Choices to learn are practically limitless and you will be swamped with many paths to choose. Your sure path to success lies in you investing in a good marketing system for yourself.

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FHTM, a Successful Home Business Opportunity

By Stephen Monday

When it comes to trying to find successful home based business opportunities, the internet is full of claims concerning network marketing, MLM, internet business, work from home offers, and endless lists of "home business offers."

Many are hyped up claims, some are outright scams, a few offer small profits, while yet others hawk fortunes to be made using "secret methods." Very few have ever made the list of Forbes "Top 25 Emerging Businesses of the Decade."

Yet one has, and it continues to grow by leaps and bounds. It has operated 100% debt free since the day it opened eight years ago, and continues to remain debt free. What makes it stand head and shoulders over every competitor is its approach to network marketing itself. Introducing FHTM - Fortune High Tech Marketing.

Everything you think you know about network marketing goes right out the door when you take a closer look at this enterprise. It involves a total new way of attracting customers, as well as being a company that shares its vast revenue with its representatives. It does so in such a way that their compensation plan is unmatched.

Founded eight years ago by a Christian gentleman, Paul Orberson, it quickly amassed a following of multibillion-dollar corporate giants. Its developer started first with a company named Excel and made over a million dollars a month for over two years straight. Lightning does strike in the same place twice!

And now, how is his success with Fortune possible? It is simple; his vision gave him the insight to realize that there must be a better way for mega-corporations to attract, find and keep loyal customers than spending millions upon millions of dollars in up-front advertising costs.

He found the way - reverse advertising via relationship marketing (aka) word of mouth! This idea turned out to be a grand slam home run, because many multibillion-dollar establishments were losing millions of dollars every year due to using advertising, which proved ineffective in bringing in new loyal customers.

Three years after making millions upon millions and garnering the great favor of these billion dollar companies, he decided to give back to the very industry that had helped make him so successful. He wanted to show others how to become their very own business owners leveraging their time as home based representatives. What made him so cutting edge and high tech was the fact that these huge industries did not have to pay millions of dollars in advertising costs, before they acquired the first new customer.

He brought the customers to them, and they did not pay him a cent, until they had the account. Once he had proved to these giants like Sprint, Dish TV, Verizon, AT&T, ALLTEL and many others this way of marketing was the wave of the future, it did not take others long to come around. Now he is partnered with 98% of all phone service providers.

That is barely scratching the surface of his expansive growth. Just about every huge, highly recognized, top name brand industry giant such as Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and over 800 other huge brand name marketers have partnership with FHTM.

The mass population is already using many, many of the products and services provided by businesses who are partnered with FHTM. This is where the opportunity becomes exciting. With the mass of the populace already sold on the quality of these products and services, when you become FHTM's partner and rep, you get to reap a percentage of the bills being paid every month, not just from those you bring in, but also from those brought in by those who they bring aboard.

This may sound way too good to be true, but what have you got to lose by simply giving it a look for yourself? This business has totally changed the lives of many, giving them their lives back, making their time their own, not having to work for another boss. Their reps gain all of this without the headaches of inventory or accounting.

Stephen Monday is a professional copywriter and web copy specialist, whose copywriting site can be found at

FHTM - Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing - Good Opportunity Or Just Another Con?

By Mark Pepper

FHTM - Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing: Has all the smells and bells of a great opportunity. It combines a multitude of products and services that people use everyday. The FHTM compensation plan has the potential for good return on investment. Founded in 2001 by Paul Orberson, the company is located in Lexington, Kentucky. They have a experienced and qualified management team backing the company. Plus they're 100% debt free and financially solid.


1. FHTM has the potential to be a good vehicle by which a person can create a beneficial return on his or her efforts. The compensation plan is easy to follow, manuals and training material is straight forward and easy to understand.

2. FHTM University is easy to navigate, user friendly but primarily focuses on product and services offered thru their portal. One can download applications, buy DVD's, flip charts, forms, pay their renewal fees & upgrades. Reps can do extensive research on all the main providers in the telecom, health&wellness, entertainment, travel and beauty solutions offered by FHTM.

The university is also a great way to stay connected with what's happening in FHTM, thru conference calls, meetings and announcements of upcoming events / postings. Weekly updates keep you informed of any changes in the current promotions of products, services. " How To" guides assist the reps when signing up new customers and the procedures to handle any issue should they arise.

3. FHTM Training Manuals:

- Overview of FHTM, history, founder and the leadership team.

- Products & services, top 10 providers in detail for establishing your customer usage points.

- Company overview, complete top to bottom coverage of Compensation Plan.

- Training information, basic instruction on showing DVD presentations

- Forms & worksheets, "How to Guides" filling out forms, setting goals and quick start

business plan


1. FHTM Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing still uses a "Warm" market approach of family and friends as your single method for growing your FHTM business. This accounts for some of the highest representative turn over rates in MLM history. Yet it is still strictly enforced in all the training material, DVD's, presentations and conference calls. They continue to simplify their approach instead of helping their representatives learn how to effectively grow their business. So if you're in FHTM for the long haul using this marketing model, then be prepared for endless hours of frustration with little or no progress to show for all your effort.

In conclusion FHTM Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is a great vehicle by which one can accomplish great things for their family and others. They're a solid company with a sound compensation plan and have established themselves for the long haul in the Home Based Business Industry. However if the "Warm Market" approach is not working for you, you need to find a more effective ways to grow your FHTM Business.

If you have any questions about the material covered please contact me @ (928) 239-5070

Mark H. Pepper is a Network Marketing Growth Specialist who has been helping people streamline their mlm-home based businesses to ensure good return on their investment. Mark takes great pleasure in helping and assisting other entrepreneurs in growing their business utilizing the technologies available today to ensure a long lasting successful marketing venture......... You can contact Mark at his office: (928)239-5070

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FHTM - The Traps in Leading With the Opportunity

By Ruth Webster and Richard P. Webster

Many network marketing companies today have switched their sales focus. You may have found this with FHTM. 18 months ago leading with the product was the only way to go and you were encouraged to extol the wonderful benefits of the product.

However, since the global recession hit the hip pocket of the average consumer people are reluctant to spend, no matter how great the product. So, network marketing companies have had to look at other ways to entice people into their companies. What better way than to offer the business opportunity?

Today, most people are losing jobs or looking for extra income just to keep afloat. Network marketing companies, like FHTM, are in the perfect position to offer a business opportunity. But does it really work?

The big push in network marketing has always been how easy it is to make loads of money. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that less than 5% of all network marketers actually make any money. That isn't good for plugging a business opportunity.

If we look at it realistically FHTM, or any network marketing company for that matter, is a distribution channel and you as the rep becomes the distributor. You are the marketing arm of the company and are responsible for moving product. Just like many retail stores only you don't have the overheads.

If you're the marketing arm for FHTM then you need to be concerned, first of all, with product consumption. It makes sense to have as many people as possible consuming FHTM products every day, week or month. If more people consume your product then you'll do better financially and from an ethical and moral standpoint you're not offering them the world, like lotto does.

If you really want to build a long term residual income and retain your clients this is the best way to build your FHTM business. If you've enjoyed the benefits of the FHTM products and services then share that belief and passion with others. People respond to a product's value and benefit.

There are several benefits to you when it comes to leading with the product and not the opportunity, but ultimately it boils down to 2 biggies...

1. Retention Rate: When people join you because of the merits of the product, do you think they'll stick around for a while? Yes, definitely. They fell in love with the product - good opportunities to create wealth are a dime a dozen.

Look at many network marketing leaders - the ones that stay around create wealth time and time again, regardless of the product or service they're marketing. They have the marketing ability and savvy to create wealth with whatever they choose to market.

2. There is always a better paying gig out there. No one company has the monopoly on the best paying opportunity out there - if you do some research you will always find something that will pay more.

When you bring prospects into your business based upon greed, what do you think will happen when the next latest and greatest opportunity appears? They're gone, quick as a flash. For them it was only about how much money they could make and how quickly. They were never attached to the product from the word go.

If you would like to know how to better market your products and services and to master tools and techniques that will help you improve the growth of your business go to...

Ruth Webster is a successful network marketer and Business Growth Specialist who, with her husband, Richard, helps others to transform their struggling home-based businesses into wealth creating enterprises.

Ruth & Richard have successful businesses in health & wellness and in home business marketing training and coaching. Through their own experiences early on in network marketing they discovered the frustrations of using old methods that didn't work for our modern technological age. By applying effective marketing tools and training they 'cracked the code' and now wish to help others build successful home businesses.

FHTM Business - What to Do When Your Warm Market Runs Cold

By Ruth Webster and Richard Webster

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, like many other network marketing companies, teaches you to recruit prospects by making a list of your friends and family and chasing the warm market. Companies love teaching you this. Why? If they have 100, 000 associates and everyone builds a 'list' the company is growing! But what does this do for your FHTM business? OK...maybe you added one or 2 associates and got yourself a whopping check for $3.99. However, this method, mathematically speaking, is terribly inefficient.

Even though you are told at meetings that you can make six figures from home by asking friends and family to join you, it just doesn't work for the majority of FHTM associates.

This marketing concept has been around since the early 1940's and back then with the culture of the day it worked well. But with technology this game has changed. In a big big way. Now it's really a game of efficiencies and how many prospects can you have every day that are approaching you. Not the other way around.

Marketing is a numbers game and if you are going to succeed in your FHTM business you will need to learn how to make good use of today's technology and the tools available to the network marketer who wants to succeed. To make six figures in network marketing we need to be adding 20-30 people a week into our business. This is just not going to happen with your warm market. The average person only knows about 200-500 people whereas if you look at the cold market there is close to half a billion people on the end of the internet.

When we started in our network marketing company we jumped into everything that our company suggested - making lists, telling family and friends and, yes, we got some results but it soon vaporized and it wasn't long before we were lucky to enroll only one person a month onto the products, and trying to get people into the business opportunity was even harder.

So we did some research and training and learned how to market well using 3 of the most effective means to reach prospects - the phone, the internet and the written word.

If you want to be adding 20-30 people a week into your FHTM business you need to incorporate all 3 in your marketing plan. The phone is the quickest way to speak to a lot of people every day - forget traveling hundreds of miles a day holding meetings. The internet not only positions you in the field but creates countless positioned leads that will be chasing you for information. You won't have to be hounding people who aren't interested in FHTM anyway. The written word is the most effective way to relate to your prospects.

By mastering each of these tools there's absolutely nothing stopping you from creating a six figure income from FHTM inside of 12 months.

If you're sick of chasing your warm market and want to learn more about how to use these 3 great marketing tools go to...

Ruth Webster is a successful network marketer and Business Growth Specialist who, with her husband, Richard, helps others to transform their struggling home-based businesses into wealth creating enterprises.

Ruth & Richard have successful businesses in health & wellness and in home business marketing training and coaching. Through their own experiences early on in network marketing they discovered the frustrations of using old methods that didn't work for our modern technological age. By applying effective marketing tools and training they 'cracked the code' and now wish to help others build successful home businesses.

FHTM Business - Simple FHTM Business Growth Techniques

By Jawaune Saad

FHTM is an acronym for Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. This name was chosen at the inception of the company in the year of 2001 which was founded by Paul Orberson. The words "Hi-Tech" were originally chosen because the company previously only marketed technology based products such as cell phone service, internet, satellite, cable, etc. Over the years FHTM business has added many other different product to it's line which deal with health and wellness.

What makes FHTM business unique is the fact that they don't manufacture any of their own products which is the case of the majority of other network marketing companies. They use a concept of partnering with many different companies without needing to spend half a million dollars that you would typically spend. They charge a fee of only $299 and you earn commission when others are enrolled in your downline. FHTM is unique because in most cases it's better to lead with the opportunity which is usually not a recommended method of marketing.

In the majority of other network marketing companies where they manufacture the products, you must lead with product benefits because commission checks are paid based on product consumption. With FHTM business you have the advantage of people already being familiar with the products you're marketing. The benefit that consumers receive by consuming them through you is they can now get paid to use those same products. The only downside is that they must pay a large one time fee in order to qualify for those commissions which many everyday people can't afford.

FHTM business has taken the time to select the highest quality products and services and reasonable prices. Many of the products cannot be found in retail stores. In order to grow your downline you must think like a marketer instead of a salesman. This requires using techniques which maximize your time and minimize your efforts. Salesmen work hard and marketers work smart. More specifically, marketers use techniques that allow them to speak to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time and spend less time convincing those who are not interested.

In order to use this technique to grow your FHTM business you must use techniques which are easy, economical and easily trainable to everyone in your downline. Such techniques include buying response buyer leads, writing articles, social media, press releases and pay-per-click marketing just to name a few. You should not waste time making lists of your friends and family and passing out business cards to grow your FHTM business.

You should also have your own presentation accompanied by a prospecting and closing script. Scripts ensure that your campaign stays consistent and the information gets carried across to everyone in the shortest amount of time and presentation calls allow you to hold presentations to hundreds of people without leaving your home. To discover more FHTM business building techniques and obtain a free report titled "The Heavy Hitter Report To Enrolling 3 Reps A Day," visit

Jawaune Saad is a home based business consultant living in Tampa, FL who is currently helping thousands of people to achieve their business dreams using the same techniques offered in his highly sought after free reports and articles. To obtain a copy of his report visit

Jawaune can be reached at


Phone 813-315-6575

FHTM Fortune Hi-tech Marketing - Business Review

By Mike Heesen

When searching for new business opportunities I came across FHTM Fortune Hi-tech Marketing. I have been hearing some rumours about it and decided to find out more about this business.

The Company
They were founded in 2001 by Paul Orberson, a very experienced and successful online entrepreneur. Some years ago he decided to retire but his passion for the industry made him create his own network marketing business so that he could share his success with other people, by offering them a home based business opportunity. He cares for people and wants to help folks become financially secure. Let's have a look at what he has to offer.

The Products
FHTM Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing's product line offers you a variety of products.

1. Wireless Phones
2. Phone Plans
3. Long Distance Calling Services
4. Satellite TV
5. Weight Management
6. Health and Beauty

The Compensation Plan
For $299 you are a member and you can get started with FHTM Fortune High-tech Marketing. It is your goal to find new recruits and start building your downline. The pay out commissions ranging from between 2-20 percent, based on the volume of products sold by you and your team. The compensation plan looks good, although one thing caught my eye.

The plan uses a 'Stair-Step-Break-Away' method. What does this mean? Well, once one of your members reach a certain level, they 'Break-Away'. This team member has now become your immediate competition. It is my personal opinion that the compensation plan does not encourage sponsors to coach and mentor their team members, so that they too become successful.

What Now?
FHTM Hi-Tech Fortune Marketing is a legitimate business with good, solid, marketable products. If you can find yourself in the products and the compensation plan then this is your thing. Whatever company you choose to be with, there is one vital most important thing. Ensure that the company you join offers very powerful Marketing Trainings on a daily basis, that teaches you all the strategies and techniques you need to master so that you become an online Guru.

Mike Heesen is an internet marketer who works with industry leaders from around the world. He coaches and mentors people by teaching them how to build a successful business online. Thousands of people are earning money online. Why not you? To learn more about Mike Heesen and his team, visit and receive 3 FREE Very Powerful Marketing Trainings that you can use right away to build your business.