Thursday, September 24, 2009

FHTM Business - How to Enroll 3 Reps a Day Into Your FHTM Downline

By Jawaune Saad

There are 3 traditional ways that you can start a business. You can start your own business from the ground up which can be extremely risky and expensive, you could purchase a franchise which is very expensive or you could join an affiliate program or network marketing opportunity. FHTM, which is short for Fortune Hi-Tech marketing, gives you the benefit of partnering up with several retail franchises that consumers have already come to know and trust without the large expense of purchasing a franchise. In this article I will be discussing how to enroll 3 reps a day into your FHTM business.

FHTM is one of very few network marketing companies that use this concept and chooses only to partner with very select retail based partners which manufacture high quality and competitive products and services. FHTM's wide variety of products and services using this concept gives you a large marketplace to choose from such as travel, health and wellness, telecom, etc. When enrolling 3 reps a day into your FHTM business you should lead with the product, meaning you shouldn't approach prospects with opportunities of teaming up with well known and trusted companies.

Instead, you should get to know each of these products and services and decide which ones you can become passionate about the most. Just like all network marketing companies, your FHTM business depends on product consumption and not distributor enrollment therefore you must become passionate about products and helping others solve a specific need. Using traditional techniques such as passing out brochures business cards and CDs and making a list of friends and family can be slow, expensive and makes you a salesman, not a marketer.

There are much more economical techniques that can be more effective, economical and less intrusive. When you've decided which products you will be focusing on you could start by purchasing product buyer files or response files. I have published videos on the internet which educate on how to achieve this function. You should also at some point have your own live or recorded presentation call. When you're first getting started it's okay to use a call being provided by your upline, however most presentation calls done by others lead with the business opportunity instead of the product.

You should also develop a prospecting script which is designed to get someone's interest and get them to take action. When marketing your FHTM business you must master 3 marketing mediums: the telephone, the internet and the written word.

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