Wednesday, September 23, 2009

FHTM Business - How to Grow an FHTM Business

By Brian Trotter

FHTM is an acronym for Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. This organization was founded by Paul Orberson. Orberson was known to be one of the most successful network marketers existing in the industry.

Orberson was successful in making good money in a short period of time. He made it all possible retired from work at a very young age of forty. He lived life king-size and after some time, got tired of the retirement life and decided to set up his own network marketing company.

FHTM was created in order to provide people an opportunity to get good amount of financial independence that Mr. Orberson enjoy in his life.

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing company is dedicated to offer some great opportunities to consumers via their services and products as mentioned below:

  • Satellite TV

  • Health and beauty products

  • Wireless phones

  • Wireless plans

  • Weight management products

  • Internet services

  • Long distance phone services

The compensation plan provided by FHTM Business is incredible. All you require to do is to get started with a nominal amount of $299. Once you do this, you need to kick start your business via recruiting some people into the program. You would instantly get an amount of about 2 to 20 percent commission of the total volume that is available through your downline. However, FHTM Business also uses a stairstep break away compensation plan. This indicates that as soon as your team members reach up to a certain level, they would break away from you and to make the situation worse, become your competition.

This is also a reason that most people consider Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing a scam. However, the experts feel that it is not a scam but a fair and legal opportunity to generate business and profits. The only drawback in this business is that the efforts one require to make is quite difficult as compared to the other opportunities available widely to people in the same category.

FHTM Business is an amazing MLM opportunity that has a lot to offer to people across the globe. The company possesses a wonderful business system and the whole concept is based purely on teamwork. Like with any other company, you require to provide your contribution to keep this company in a growing phase all the time.

The story of success of this MLM marketing company is on the pages of most of the major business magazines. Started way back in the year 2001, this MLM marketing company founded by Mr. Paul Orberson has reached great heights of success. The company has everything that requires an individual to feel secure when investing in it. The FHTM Business is secure, has a solid back ground, is debt free and provides awesome support in conjunction with best of resources to its potential consumers. The best part is that Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing has a compensation plan tat is peerless.

This business opportunity is surely one that should not be ignored.

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