Thursday, September 24, 2009

What Went Wrong With FHTM?

By Scott Matchett and Kimm Reidmatchett

A few years back, my family made a big move. We left jobs, friends and most of our family and moved out East. That's where the money was, everyone said. As well as the potential big bucks, there were breathtaking mountains and chilly rivers, beautiful homes and endless shopping. We packed up everything and made the move. The money was certainly there, if you could find one of those high paying jobs. The problem was that everyone else was also dragging their families out west for the same jobs and they were going much too fast. So fast, that I did not land one for quite some time.

The bill payments continued to leave my bank account, however, there were still no paychecks going in. I was starting to think about getting worried when I heard about this fantastic "too good to be true" marketing job. A friend of mine had signed up and spent hours at my kitchen table showing me how I could replenish my bank account over and over again. My wife and I were skeptical, so I went to a few meetings. I even took a few of my new friends to meetings to get their opinions. We all thought the same thing, "this just makes sense." I got out my checkbook, made a few pen strokes, and a few hundred dollars later, I was a proud member of FHTM.

A week later, the training binder and videos arrived at my door and my wife and I sat down and watched them religiously day after day. We wanted to ensure we had all the information correct so that when questions came, we had the answers. The sad truth was that when the questions came, they were not the ones we expected and we ended up having no answers. The questions were things like, "Sure, I can get this product in my area but why do I need to pay a monthly service fee?" Or, "Why can't I get this product in my area?" Long distance was one of the main products but sadly, what we were not told was that long distance was not available in most of the country.

Another major issue that we were not told, was about the training that was required through meetings, meetings, and more meetings. Dragging friends and family to meetings was a definite necessity and we quickly found out that our friends and family did not want to attend meetings two or three times a week. They did not want to give up their Friday evenings or Saturdays to attend long boring training seminars. I certainly believe there were those few individuals at the top who, if in the right location, did make significant money. I also believe those individuals were very few. Every single person I know who was involved with FHTM has not renewed their annual registration fees and would much rather have their initial buy in fees back in their pockets. Now, I have not been involved in many marketing businesses but I can honestly say that those I have been involved with have cost me significant amounts of cash with little to no return.

Until now!!! My wife and I are upright, trustworthy people. We believe in personal integrity and upfront honesty. We believe God has a plan for our lives and we walk in His plan every day. Together we have started a nonprofit organization for single parent families that is very successful and we believe that fundraising is unnecessary. Because of these beliefs, we needed to figure out a way to completely fund the organization, as well as make a living from it without asking others for money. Not an easy task!! But, we did. Together, my wife and I work from home, allowing us to travel and host weekend workshops as well as spend time writing and publishing numerous books for single parents and their children.

Working in online business has certainly given us what we needed, plus so much more. Not only have we been able to quit our measly paying jobs and work from home (or wherever we happen to have our laptop) we have discovered the time to enjoy life, making significant money while we do the things we love to do. There is nothing that can compare to having money deposited into our bank accounts in very significant amounts while we take friends to lunch or our kids to the zoo.

Having time to do what we enjoy is priceless, however, we are getting paid very well to do just that - whatever we want!! Would you like to enjoy the same freedoms in your life? Would you rather enjoy life doing whatever it is you love to do or rush through the tedious workday just to repeat the same day tomorrow? Why not try something different? You know the old saying, "If you want to see the same results tomorrow, do the same thing you did today... if you want to see different results tomorrow, do something different today."

Check out my website at and make a very significant change for you and your family. Start living the life you deserve!!!

Scott and Kimm Matchett

Scott Matchett enjoyed many years as a youth pastor. Now retired, he loves being with people - especially teenagers. Scott works part time as a Youth and Family Counselor and lives with his wife, Kimm, in Western Canada.

Scott and Kimm are people of integrity and Godly values and they bring these virtues into their home-based business. Having spent numerous years as a motivational speaker to youth, Scott enjoys helping others become all they can be and teaching them tools to enable them to walk into their destiny.

Kimm, a children's pastor and author, has earned a degree in psychology and enjoys equipping individuals to move into a place of joy and security. Together, Scott and Kimm have founded an excellent non-profit organization geared to helping single parent families and have published a number of books.

While enjoying such a variety of interests, both Scott and Kimm are fortunate to be able to enjoy each other and their family. Through this highly successful online business, they have been able to avoid the "rush" of the day and spend time together, relaxing, and sipping lattes.

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