Thursday, September 24, 2009

FHTM Business - How to Enroll 3 Reps a Day Into Your FHTM Downline (Part 2)

By Jawaune Saad

The FHTM business uses a different type of product concept from the majority of all network marketing companies and even though they are a young company they are currently seeing an abundance of success. They don't manufacture any of their own products but have created partnerships with other manufacturers. When people enroll as distributors, its similar purchasing a franchise without needing to pay large amounts of dollars to do so. Many distributors struggle to grow their business and in this article we'll discuss how to enroll 3 reps a day into your FHTM business.

As discussed in the previous articles where I talked about FHTM you should not use traditional techniques such as making a list of your friends and family and passing out business cards. You shouldn't be doing 3 way calls to your upline or doing in home presentations. These techniques do work for growing a FHTM businesss, however they are painfully slow and require a lot of work. You should use techniques which put time in your favor and allow you to generate enrollments on a massive scale. You should also have an efficient training system in place for training your downline as your FHTM business starts to grow.

When enrolling 3 reps a day into your FHTM business your downline will grow very quickly and since you'll be leading with product quality and not opportunity your new enrollees will not quit after a short period of time. As your new enrollees start enrolling your downline could easily reach thousands of people after only a few months. With this kind of growth it's impossible to train people on a one on one basis. It's highly recommended you schedule weekly training sessions and using a conference call line to do so.

FHTM business gives you the opportunity to market a variety of product niches. In order to be an effective marketer you should just find the niche you can be most passionate about. This makes your expertise more effective and gives you the opportunity to really help someone with their problems. In order to be successful in your FHTM business you must have real knowledge surrounding the benefits of your products and services because people love to buy from experts.

Using scripts is critical to growing your business. You want to save as much time as possible and always make sure all information is scheduled. Nothing should be done spontaneously and everything should be planned out. Practicing and memorizing scripts to grow your FHTM business allows this process to take place. To discover more FHTM business building techniques and obtain a free report titled "The Heavy Hitter Report To Adding 3 Reps A Day" visit

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