Friday, September 25, 2009

FHTM Fortune Hi-tech Marketing - Business Review

By Mike Heesen

When searching for new business opportunities I came across FHTM Fortune Hi-tech Marketing. I have been hearing some rumours about it and decided to find out more about this business.

The Company
They were founded in 2001 by Paul Orberson, a very experienced and successful online entrepreneur. Some years ago he decided to retire but his passion for the industry made him create his own network marketing business so that he could share his success with other people, by offering them a home based business opportunity. He cares for people and wants to help folks become financially secure. Let's have a look at what he has to offer.

The Products
FHTM Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing's product line offers you a variety of products.

1. Wireless Phones
2. Phone Plans
3. Long Distance Calling Services
4. Satellite TV
5. Weight Management
6. Health and Beauty

The Compensation Plan
For $299 you are a member and you can get started with FHTM Fortune High-tech Marketing. It is your goal to find new recruits and start building your downline. The pay out commissions ranging from between 2-20 percent, based on the volume of products sold by you and your team. The compensation plan looks good, although one thing caught my eye.

The plan uses a 'Stair-Step-Break-Away' method. What does this mean? Well, once one of your members reach a certain level, they 'Break-Away'. This team member has now become your immediate competition. It is my personal opinion that the compensation plan does not encourage sponsors to coach and mentor their team members, so that they too become successful.

What Now?
FHTM Hi-Tech Fortune Marketing is a legitimate business with good, solid, marketable products. If you can find yourself in the products and the compensation plan then this is your thing. Whatever company you choose to be with, there is one vital most important thing. Ensure that the company you join offers very powerful Marketing Trainings on a daily basis, that teaches you all the strategies and techniques you need to master so that you become an online Guru.

Mike Heesen is an internet marketer who works with industry leaders from around the world. He coaches and mentors people by teaching them how to build a successful business online. Thousands of people are earning money online. Why not you? To learn more about Mike Heesen and his team, visit and receive 3 FREE Very Powerful Marketing Trainings that you can use right away to build your business.

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