Friday, September 25, 2009

FHTM Business - Simple FHTM Business Growth Techniques

By Jawaune Saad

FHTM is an acronym for Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. This name was chosen at the inception of the company in the year of 2001 which was founded by Paul Orberson. The words "Hi-Tech" were originally chosen because the company previously only marketed technology based products such as cell phone service, internet, satellite, cable, etc. Over the years FHTM business has added many other different product to it's line which deal with health and wellness.

What makes FHTM business unique is the fact that they don't manufacture any of their own products which is the case of the majority of other network marketing companies. They use a concept of partnering with many different companies without needing to spend half a million dollars that you would typically spend. They charge a fee of only $299 and you earn commission when others are enrolled in your downline. FHTM is unique because in most cases it's better to lead with the opportunity which is usually not a recommended method of marketing.

In the majority of other network marketing companies where they manufacture the products, you must lead with product benefits because commission checks are paid based on product consumption. With FHTM business you have the advantage of people already being familiar with the products you're marketing. The benefit that consumers receive by consuming them through you is they can now get paid to use those same products. The only downside is that they must pay a large one time fee in order to qualify for those commissions which many everyday people can't afford.

FHTM business has taken the time to select the highest quality products and services and reasonable prices. Many of the products cannot be found in retail stores. In order to grow your downline you must think like a marketer instead of a salesman. This requires using techniques which maximize your time and minimize your efforts. Salesmen work hard and marketers work smart. More specifically, marketers use techniques that allow them to speak to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time and spend less time convincing those who are not interested.

In order to use this technique to grow your FHTM business you must use techniques which are easy, economical and easily trainable to everyone in your downline. Such techniques include buying response buyer leads, writing articles, social media, press releases and pay-per-click marketing just to name a few. You should not waste time making lists of your friends and family and passing out business cards to grow your FHTM business.

You should also have your own presentation accompanied by a prospecting and closing script. Scripts ensure that your campaign stays consistent and the information gets carried across to everyone in the shortest amount of time and presentation calls allow you to hold presentations to hundreds of people without leaving your home. To discover more FHTM business building techniques and obtain a free report titled "The Heavy Hitter Report To Enrolling 3 Reps A Day," visit

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