Friday, September 25, 2009

FHTM Business - What to Do When Your Warm Market Runs Cold

By Ruth Webster and Richard Webster

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, like many other network marketing companies, teaches you to recruit prospects by making a list of your friends and family and chasing the warm market. Companies love teaching you this. Why? If they have 100, 000 associates and everyone builds a 'list' the company is growing! But what does this do for your FHTM business? OK...maybe you added one or 2 associates and got yourself a whopping check for $3.99. However, this method, mathematically speaking, is terribly inefficient.

Even though you are told at meetings that you can make six figures from home by asking friends and family to join you, it just doesn't work for the majority of FHTM associates.

This marketing concept has been around since the early 1940's and back then with the culture of the day it worked well. But with technology this game has changed. In a big big way. Now it's really a game of efficiencies and how many prospects can you have every day that are approaching you. Not the other way around.

Marketing is a numbers game and if you are going to succeed in your FHTM business you will need to learn how to make good use of today's technology and the tools available to the network marketer who wants to succeed. To make six figures in network marketing we need to be adding 20-30 people a week into our business. This is just not going to happen with your warm market. The average person only knows about 200-500 people whereas if you look at the cold market there is close to half a billion people on the end of the internet.

When we started in our network marketing company we jumped into everything that our company suggested - making lists, telling family and friends and, yes, we got some results but it soon vaporized and it wasn't long before we were lucky to enroll only one person a month onto the products, and trying to get people into the business opportunity was even harder.

So we did some research and training and learned how to market well using 3 of the most effective means to reach prospects - the phone, the internet and the written word.

If you want to be adding 20-30 people a week into your FHTM business you need to incorporate all 3 in your marketing plan. The phone is the quickest way to speak to a lot of people every day - forget traveling hundreds of miles a day holding meetings. The internet not only positions you in the field but creates countless positioned leads that will be chasing you for information. You won't have to be hounding people who aren't interested in FHTM anyway. The written word is the most effective way to relate to your prospects.

By mastering each of these tools there's absolutely nothing stopping you from creating a six figure income from FHTM inside of 12 months.

If you're sick of chasing your warm market and want to learn more about how to use these 3 great marketing tools go to...

Ruth Webster is a successful network marketer and Business Growth Specialist who, with her husband, Richard, helps others to transform their struggling home-based businesses into wealth creating enterprises.

Ruth & Richard have successful businesses in health & wellness and in home business marketing training and coaching. Through their own experiences early on in network marketing they discovered the frustrations of using old methods that didn't work for our modern technological age. By applying effective marketing tools and training they 'cracked the code' and now wish to help others build successful home businesses.

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