Friday, September 25, 2009

FHTM - The Traps in Leading With the Opportunity

By Ruth Webster and Richard P. Webster

Many network marketing companies today have switched their sales focus. You may have found this with FHTM. 18 months ago leading with the product was the only way to go and you were encouraged to extol the wonderful benefits of the product.

However, since the global recession hit the hip pocket of the average consumer people are reluctant to spend, no matter how great the product. So, network marketing companies have had to look at other ways to entice people into their companies. What better way than to offer the business opportunity?

Today, most people are losing jobs or looking for extra income just to keep afloat. Network marketing companies, like FHTM, are in the perfect position to offer a business opportunity. But does it really work?

The big push in network marketing has always been how easy it is to make loads of money. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that less than 5% of all network marketers actually make any money. That isn't good for plugging a business opportunity.

If we look at it realistically FHTM, or any network marketing company for that matter, is a distribution channel and you as the rep becomes the distributor. You are the marketing arm of the company and are responsible for moving product. Just like many retail stores only you don't have the overheads.

If you're the marketing arm for FHTM then you need to be concerned, first of all, with product consumption. It makes sense to have as many people as possible consuming FHTM products every day, week or month. If more people consume your product then you'll do better financially and from an ethical and moral standpoint you're not offering them the world, like lotto does.

If you really want to build a long term residual income and retain your clients this is the best way to build your FHTM business. If you've enjoyed the benefits of the FHTM products and services then share that belief and passion with others. People respond to a product's value and benefit.

There are several benefits to you when it comes to leading with the product and not the opportunity, but ultimately it boils down to 2 biggies...

1. Retention Rate: When people join you because of the merits of the product, do you think they'll stick around for a while? Yes, definitely. They fell in love with the product - good opportunities to create wealth are a dime a dozen.

Look at many network marketing leaders - the ones that stay around create wealth time and time again, regardless of the product or service they're marketing. They have the marketing ability and savvy to create wealth with whatever they choose to market.

2. There is always a better paying gig out there. No one company has the monopoly on the best paying opportunity out there - if you do some research you will always find something that will pay more.

When you bring prospects into your business based upon greed, what do you think will happen when the next latest and greatest opportunity appears? They're gone, quick as a flash. For them it was only about how much money they could make and how quickly. They were never attached to the product from the word go.

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Ruth Webster is a successful network marketer and Business Growth Specialist who, with her husband, Richard, helps others to transform their struggling home-based businesses into wealth creating enterprises.

Ruth & Richard have successful businesses in health & wellness and in home business marketing training and coaching. Through their own experiences early on in network marketing they discovered the frustrations of using old methods that didn't work for our modern technological age. By applying effective marketing tools and training they 'cracked the code' and now wish to help others build successful home businesses.

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