Friday, September 25, 2009

FHTM - Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing - Good Opportunity Or Just Another Con?

By Mark Pepper

FHTM - Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing: Has all the smells and bells of a great opportunity. It combines a multitude of products and services that people use everyday. The FHTM compensation plan has the potential for good return on investment. Founded in 2001 by Paul Orberson, the company is located in Lexington, Kentucky. They have a experienced and qualified management team backing the company. Plus they're 100% debt free and financially solid.


1. FHTM has the potential to be a good vehicle by which a person can create a beneficial return on his or her efforts. The compensation plan is easy to follow, manuals and training material is straight forward and easy to understand.

2. FHTM University is easy to navigate, user friendly but primarily focuses on product and services offered thru their portal. One can download applications, buy DVD's, flip charts, forms, pay their renewal fees & upgrades. Reps can do extensive research on all the main providers in the telecom, health&wellness, entertainment, travel and beauty solutions offered by FHTM.

The university is also a great way to stay connected with what's happening in FHTM, thru conference calls, meetings and announcements of upcoming events / postings. Weekly updates keep you informed of any changes in the current promotions of products, services. " How To" guides assist the reps when signing up new customers and the procedures to handle any issue should they arise.

3. FHTM Training Manuals:

- Overview of FHTM, history, founder and the leadership team.

- Products & services, top 10 providers in detail for establishing your customer usage points.

- Company overview, complete top to bottom coverage of Compensation Plan.

- Training information, basic instruction on showing DVD presentations

- Forms & worksheets, "How to Guides" filling out forms, setting goals and quick start

business plan


1. FHTM Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing still uses a "Warm" market approach of family and friends as your single method for growing your FHTM business. This accounts for some of the highest representative turn over rates in MLM history. Yet it is still strictly enforced in all the training material, DVD's, presentations and conference calls. They continue to simplify their approach instead of helping their representatives learn how to effectively grow their business. So if you're in FHTM for the long haul using this marketing model, then be prepared for endless hours of frustration with little or no progress to show for all your effort.

In conclusion FHTM Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is a great vehicle by which one can accomplish great things for their family and others. They're a solid company with a sound compensation plan and have established themselves for the long haul in the Home Based Business Industry. However if the "Warm Market" approach is not working for you, you need to find a more effective ways to grow your FHTM Business.

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