Friday, September 25, 2009

FHTM, a Successful Home Business Opportunity

By Stephen Monday

When it comes to trying to find successful home based business opportunities, the internet is full of claims concerning network marketing, MLM, internet business, work from home offers, and endless lists of "home business offers."

Many are hyped up claims, some are outright scams, a few offer small profits, while yet others hawk fortunes to be made using "secret methods." Very few have ever made the list of Forbes "Top 25 Emerging Businesses of the Decade."

Yet one has, and it continues to grow by leaps and bounds. It has operated 100% debt free since the day it opened eight years ago, and continues to remain debt free. What makes it stand head and shoulders over every competitor is its approach to network marketing itself. Introducing FHTM - Fortune High Tech Marketing.

Everything you think you know about network marketing goes right out the door when you take a closer look at this enterprise. It involves a total new way of attracting customers, as well as being a company that shares its vast revenue with its representatives. It does so in such a way that their compensation plan is unmatched.

Founded eight years ago by a Christian gentleman, Paul Orberson, it quickly amassed a following of multibillion-dollar corporate giants. Its developer started first with a company named Excel and made over a million dollars a month for over two years straight. Lightning does strike in the same place twice!

And now, how is his success with Fortune possible? It is simple; his vision gave him the insight to realize that there must be a better way for mega-corporations to attract, find and keep loyal customers than spending millions upon millions of dollars in up-front advertising costs.

He found the way - reverse advertising via relationship marketing (aka) word of mouth! This idea turned out to be a grand slam home run, because many multibillion-dollar establishments were losing millions of dollars every year due to using advertising, which proved ineffective in bringing in new loyal customers.

Three years after making millions upon millions and garnering the great favor of these billion dollar companies, he decided to give back to the very industry that had helped make him so successful. He wanted to show others how to become their very own business owners leveraging their time as home based representatives. What made him so cutting edge and high tech was the fact that these huge industries did not have to pay millions of dollars in advertising costs, before they acquired the first new customer.

He brought the customers to them, and they did not pay him a cent, until they had the account. Once he had proved to these giants like Sprint, Dish TV, Verizon, AT&T, ALLTEL and many others this way of marketing was the wave of the future, it did not take others long to come around. Now he is partnered with 98% of all phone service providers.

That is barely scratching the surface of his expansive growth. Just about every huge, highly recognized, top name brand industry giant such as Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and over 800 other huge brand name marketers have partnership with FHTM.

The mass population is already using many, many of the products and services provided by businesses who are partnered with FHTM. This is where the opportunity becomes exciting. With the mass of the populace already sold on the quality of these products and services, when you become FHTM's partner and rep, you get to reap a percentage of the bills being paid every month, not just from those you bring in, but also from those brought in by those who they bring aboard.

This may sound way too good to be true, but what have you got to lose by simply giving it a look for yourself? This business has totally changed the lives of many, giving them their lives back, making their time their own, not having to work for another boss. Their reps gain all of this without the headaches of inventory or accounting.

Stephen Monday is a professional copywriter and web copy specialist, whose copywriting site can be found at

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