Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing - Why is it Not Working For YOU?

By Thomas Hernandez

Are you one of the thousands of people who just can't seem to get the ball rolling with your Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Business?

Obviously, you're reading this because you're struggling and looking for answers or just curious to see what others are saying about this company.

One of the most controversial subjects relating to FHTM is their training. Chances are when you got involved with FHTM the first thing they told you was to make a list of 100 names, call your friends and family then play a DVD presentation.

Only around 2% of the people who use this approach will ever be truly successful. You see, much of what you are taught is really a system based on hope and chance instead of solid business sense and logical marketing principles.

The reason they teach you these things is because they require no skill. It's easy to teach someone to play a DVD or call your friends and family. It's not so easy to teach someone how to market the opportunity to people who are already looking for it.

Marketing is the million dollar skill that any serious entrepreneur should develop. There is a huge difference from introducing the opportunity to someone who actually has expressed an interest in it and introducing it to your mother.

Remember the company is called Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing...not Fortune Hi-Tech Convince or Fortune Hi-Tech Chase.

So, what can you do?

Well, the solution is to find some reliable outside marketing training that can teach you step by step how to find people who are actively searching for a business opportunity like Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing.

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