Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing the BEST Home Business Opportunity?

By Thomas Hernandez

Do you feel like Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is the best home business opportunity or that they have the best compensation plan in the network marketing industry?

If you do that's important and you definitely want to be with a company that's going somewhere; however, those facts and promoting those facts have absolutely nothing to do with your success.

I know this statement is a little bit bold because FHTM teaches you to go out and tell people how great the company and the compensation plan are and that's how you put people into your down line.

However, the fact of the matter is that this recruiting method will actually hinder you more than help you because when you attach someone to a company you make yourself insignificant to your prospect.

Meaning your prospect will see you as nothing more than go between, someone they must go through to sign up.

The second thing that you are doing by pitching the compensation plan and the company is putting the focus in the wrong spot. What really matters is what you are actually doing to build your business and to get the job done.

People don't get involved in the this industry just because they want to be in the network marketing industry. People aren't going to join Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing because they just want to be involved with this company. People get involved in this industry because of the end result and because of the amount of wealth that can be created.

Your prospects don't want to hear how great the company or pay plan is. Your prospects want to get to their end result and need to know that YOU can personally show them how to do that.

In order to make that happen, you personally have to go out and get the job done by keeping the focus on what's most important and that's in promoting, branding and marketing yourself.

100,000 other FHTM reps are all pitching the same thing and unless you can differentiate yourself than your prospects are just going to see you as another network marketing rep coming at them with a sales pitch.

Once you learn how to market your opportunity and the power of personal branding you will easily be sponsoring 15-20 reps into your downline every month.

Learn how to brand yourself and market your Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing opportunity today by visiting the highlighted link above.

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