Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fortune High Tech Marketing - Is it a Scam?

By Scott Matchett and Kimm Reidmatchett

Fortune High Tech Marketing is not what it appears. When they say it is not a pyramid, they are not being completely upfront, nor are they outright lying. FHTM may very well be a money machine, as is represented, but it is very difficult to get to the level required in order to make any real money. FHTM has a minimal buy in price, at only a few hundred dollars. While some make that initial fee back within days, others never see it returned. There are numerous reasons for such a diverse outcome.

First, if you are in Canada, you may as well forget it. There are limited FHTM products available in Canada and the ones that are available have ridiculous monthly fees attached. Also, the products that are available in Canada, while certainly excellent products, have enormous shipping fees attached, making the reasonably priced product, now overpriced.

Second, the number of meetings that one must attend and bring their friends and family to are on the ridiculous side. There are the Saturday training meetings that take up most of the day, the weekly or bi-weekly meetings that one is suppose to take friends to in order to entice them to sign up, and finally, the week long training seminars (for the really motivated ones). Now, who wants to go to work all day just to sit in a meeting with four or five of their neighbors and friends? It is very difficult to entice people to go to these meetings when they are really not that interested.

Now, if they look at the payment plan, they may be a bit more interested, but getting them to come out to the meetings to actually see that payment plan is tedious and frustrating. As a representative of FHTM, it is difficult to get people interested and you need them to sign up in order for you to make any money.

With this said, FHTM has excellent potential. That is if one enjoys long meetings, listening to hyped up millionaires go on and on about how much money they make, and live in the USA. Even the big cash cows spend a large portion of their time traveling, being away from family and friends, and rushing through life just to get as many people as possible on their 'team.'

Personally, I would much rather stop the rush of life, relax in my home and spend time with family and friends. Is there a way to earn a great living while relaxing at home? You bet!! Where there's a will, there's a way - a great, simple, and fun way!

Scott Matchett

Scott Matchett enjoyed many years as a youth pastor. Now retired, he loves being with people - especially teenagers. Scott works part time as a youth and family counselor and lives with his wife, Kimm, in Alberta, Canada.

Scott and Kimm are people of integrity and Godly values and they bring these virtues into their home-based business. Having spent numerous years as a motivational speaker to youth, Scott enjoys helping others become all they can be and teaching them tools to enable them to walk into their destiny.

Kimm, a children's pastor and author, has earned a degree in psychology and enjoys equipping individuals to move into a place of joy and security. Together, Scott and Kimm have founded an excellent non-profit organization geared to helping single parent families and have published a number of books.

While enjoying such a variety of interests, both Scott and Kimm are fortunate to be able to enjoy each other and their family. Through this highly successful online business, they have been able to avoid the "rush" of the day and spend time together, relaxing and sipping lattes.

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