Thursday, September 24, 2009

Warnings About Fortune High Tech Marketing

By Scott Matchett

Approximately one year ago, my wife did a funny thing. She went to a meeting on marketing. Now, that may not seem funny to you, however if you knew my wife you would see the humor. My darling wife HATES marketing - or I should say hated marketing.

Her mother took her. God bless the woman!!

Well, I really quite like my mother-in-law and my wife assured me that it was very much unlike her mother to ever be interested in any marketing things so it must be good.

I didn't go to any meetings with her because I thought "this is her thing" and if she wanted to go to meetings two or three nights a week, that was up to her. And she did. She wrote a check for hundreds of dollars, got the initiation package from UPS, and was hyped right up.

Here is the problem with FHTM. My wife never actually made any money.

She could not get anyone else interested, friends, family, or strangers. No matter what she tried, she could not get anyone to go with her to these overbearing, over hyped, meetings.

You see, once my wife was on the inside of the FHTM circle she learned a number of things that nobody told her before she wrote that first big check.

For example, FHTM has a points system (that part they tell you upfront). You need to pay your money and then (this part they don't tell you) you must earn a number of points every single month in order to keep your status. If you fail to earn your points, you don't earn the promised commissions.

When my wife realized she was not making her commissions, even though she was earning her points, she called the head office to find out why. The reason? The points had all been going to the top brass. My wife immediately called her mother as well as the one other person she convinced to get involved and suggested they look at their commissions to ensure they had been getting all their points. Turns out they hadn't been.

Both of them phoned the 1-800 number and found out that a good portion of their points had also been going to the top brass. No wonder they were the top dogs, they were getting EVERYONE'S points. I wonder, if my wife didn't miss her commissions and phone the company, would the rich guys just have kept getting richer while the ones doing the work were being overlooked?

Another problem my wife quickly learned was that, while the concept was excellent, most of the products were not actually available in our - or most other - areas. No matter how excellent a product is, it's a tough sell when it's actually unavailable to the customer.

Long distance? Not available. Internet connections? Not available. Local phone connections? Not available. Hm.... that's a problem.

I suppose if you live in just the right area (which I'm not too sure where those areas are), and you really enjoy dragging people to meetings two or three nights a week, this might just be the marketing business for you. But, if you are like most people and would rather stay home or spend your free time with friends NOT at a meeting, and sell products that are actually available, then keep looking. Fortune High Tech Marketing is not for you.... or my wife.

Scott Matchett enjoyed many years as a youth pastor. Now retired, Scott works part time as a youth and family counselor and lives in Alberta, Canada.

Scott is a man of integrity and values and he bring these virtues into his home-based business. Having spent 20 years as a motivational speaker to youth, Scott enjoys teaching others to become independent and value what is important.

While enjoying such a variety of interests, Scott and his wife - a published author - enjoy life to the fullest, spending time with their family and friends. Through this highly successful online business, they have been able to avoid the "rush" of the day and spend time doing what they value, rather than working the typical "8 hour day."

To find out how Scott and his wife have traded in their typical "8 hour work days" for a more relaxing at home "2 hour work day", check out the link below..... enjoy and be blessed.


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